Saturday, August 2, 2008

LANDSCAPE Before & During

I used to have a less than desirable exterior. Here I am before and during the transformation:

My retaining walls were buckling, a ginormous planter monopolized valuable entertaining space, a dead tree flanked my side, my concrete patio looked as though someone had taken a jackhammer to it and stopped after deciding it wasn't worth it, railroad ties serving as stairs were falling, my staircase and rickety fence were growing more and more precarious, my entry way was less than appealing, my side yard was just dirt and weeds and my hillside was overrun by relentless Morning Glory...

There was space. But it was ugly. My exterior did not represent my beautiful interior. No one had cared for my exterior in a long time.

My current owners saw the potential and got an expert (who happens to be a neighbor) to help execute the vision.

Stay tuned for the "after"...

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