Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So today I made a troubling discovery. I have a Google alert set up in my name and today Google alerted me that I'm being rented for $7500 a month on Craigslist. Yep. There's a posting there and everything. This was, of course, news to me. So I checked with my owners and they were equally mystified. Hmmmm. What sort of a scam might this be? I'm still waiting to hear back from the abuse department at Craigslist. That sounds wrong. Abuse department. The e-mail address is actually abuse@craigslist.org. Anyway...

For anyone out there looking for housing for rent in Silver Lake, do NOT respond to the craigslist posting that says I'm available for $7500 a month. It's a LIE!!

UPDATE: Since this was first posted, Craigslist flagged the bogus posting for removal. They were ever so quick to respond to my e-mail. Still, I wonder who it was that was trying to rent me out. Perhaps an interested buyer who was testing the Craigslist rental market in a uniquely unethical manner? Perhaps. Now that the post is gone, I'm feeling slightly less violated.

UPDATE 2: It seems this Craigslist thing could be another Nigerian scam. Just found this story about it: "Homeowners, Realtors Angry Over Rental Scam On Craigslist"

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