Friday, August 1, 2008

KITCHEN Before/During/After

Time for some BEFORE/ DURING/ AFTER photos of my kitchen. Yay. Now, when my current owners moved in, I admit, my kitchen was dark, dreary and dated. The black linoleum tile flooring was dark and scratched up, the popcorn on one portion of the ceiling left one scratching one's head, a little wall next to the stove that blocked the views and the huge hollow beam blocked light and the larger wall separated the kitchen from the living/ dining area. The cabinets were shallow and didn't close all the way and the water heater was taking up all the space in the pantry.

Colin and Rebecca from RST Design + 73 Construction stripped me down to my bones and started from scratch. Here are some of the things they did (in non-technical terms):

-Installed open shelving
-Built an island
-Counter tops= Caesar Stone
-Removed the water heater and replaced it with a Tankless (energy efficient) water heater in another location
-Removed the old cabinets & replaced with open shelving and new cabinetry
-Removed the beam, half wall and opened up the kitchen to the living/dining allowing more light and a loft/ open concept feel.
-Used bright colors.
-Replaced the black linoleum with hard wood to match the original hardwood floors in the living/dining room
-installed ceiling lights
-built a floating custom countertop/desk

The result? A beautiful space that emphasizes the amazing views and serves as a highly functioning kitchen where everyone gathers & people cook more often. A term that seems to be used all the time on design shows is "open concept" and it does apply here. Removing the wall that separated the kitchen from the dining/living area created a much more open loft-like space... now when someone's in the kitchen cooking, they're still a part of the rest of the house and the conversations that are happening in the living/dining areas.

Colin and Rebecca did and amazing job!

Not a day goes by that I don't brag to myself about how awesome my kitchen is.

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