Sunday, November 30, 2008

What a Space Shuttle Fly-By Feels Like

So I'm just sitting here enjoying a sunny Sunday... no rain, no wind, no fires... when I feel this sudden JOLT. My windows pulse as though some invisible force is about to suck them out. I feel almost pulled towards something that is gone before I realize what it is. I'm shaken. I'm thinking earthquake. Because that's what you think when you're a house in Southern California and you're suddenly moved by something unseen. I have to say that it felt different than a quake. But, quakes do come in all shapes and sizes. So I settle on that theory. And am proven wrong.

What was it?

The Space Shuttle Endeavor.

The Space Shuttle. Endeavor. Space Shuttle. Space! Shuttle!

At 1:25 PM (PST) today the Space Shuttle Endeavor landed safely at Edwards Air Force Base- 101 miles Northeast of me in Boron, California. Endeavor was scheduled to land at Cape Canaveral but was rerouted due to nasty weather in Florida.

Two Sonic Booms occurred when the shuttle broke the sound barrier. And that's what I felt. The Sonic Booms. BOOM! BOOM! I'm still a little woozy from it all. But happy that the shuttle landed safely and feeling like a part of NASA today.

Endeavor Lands Safely at Edwards - ABC Local News

Space Shuttle Diverted to Socal - LA Times

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Jason said...

So THAT'S what that was. Ha!