Sunday, November 16, 2008

Smoke gets in my eyes (My view of the L.A. fires)

As a house on a hill I see a lot. Right now, my usual view is clouded. By smoke. From several nearby fires. I'm safe, though. No embers flying this way. (Knock on myself.)

I do feel so sorry for those houses that have been destroyed by these fires. And I want to send a shout out to every house's hero: The Firefighters who risk their lives to save us.

The Sylmar fire caught my attention right away as I had a perfect view when it flared up on Friday night around 10:30 PM. It looked so close as thought it could have been Burbank burning. I saw it before it even hit the news. My owner snapped a photo. It's not the greatest. But you can get a sense of it. The flames were quite pronounced at the start before the smoke clouded the sky.

The second photo- the view of the smoke- was taken this morning from my roof. Needless to say, all my doors and windows are closed. Nobody's breathing too easily in L.A. today.

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kaballera said...

So sad... The air was just awful Friday night and Saturday; it gave me a bad headache. When I tried to let Benito out yesterday morning he sniffed the air and ran back inside... not a good sign at all. Seems significantly better today though.