Monday, January 5, 2009

FIRE, FLOWERS & COOKIES: An Open House Update

The buyers came (lots of them,) they saw...

I declare yesterday's Open House a success! First of all, I looked sensational. Second of all, more than 40 people came through. Of the 40 only three were Realtors, the rest were potential buyers. And several people expressed strong interest. This week will tell whether any of the 40 who came through yesterday will be my future owners.

For any readers out there who are interested, here are 3 things we did to make the house feel extra special:

We had a fire going. Yes, it was 68 degrees in L.A. yesterday, but no matter. It created a homey feeling and showed off my lovely fireplace (that is both wood burning and gas.) We had a gas fire going so as to avoid the need to continue stoking the fire.

There's nothing better than the aroma of freshly baked cookies permeating a house. Take it from this house. Nothing better. Which is why my owner baked a batch of Egg Nog Sugar Cookies an hour before the Open House resulting in:
A. Scrumptious cookies that went quickly &
B. The most delicious aroma known to house

Of course. I probably don't need to say it. But fresh flowers are a necessity. My owners picked up a lovely arrangement from the Atwater Village Farmer's Market in the morning and displayed them throughout the house.

My owners returned at the end of the Open House to find six people still here. Two were neighbors stopping by and four were potential buyers. They were pleased... especially to see how beautiful the view was at 4PM yesterday.

Today my owners told me that they don't want to be selfish and that's why they're selling the house. So someone else can enjoy this view for a while.

It's good to share.

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